I make many bad games, and hopefully I'll make a good one some day.

KeepAlive - Envisioned as a computer networking themed Tapper clone. Ended up being something else entirely. Features a cover of CANYON.MID. Created for Ludum Dare 46 (Keep it alive).

Draft & Doodle - An art exercise/party game where you must draw certain themes under time and physical constraints. Created for Ludum Dare 45 (Start with nothing).

Elemental Warfare - A 2-4 player card game where you play as rival earth elemental warriors. Created for Ludum Dare 44 (Your life is currency).

Trials of Kzhak - A single player arena combat-y thing with a poorly implemented downgrade progression. Created for Ludum Dare 43 (Sacrafices must be made).

S.T.A.C.K.E.R. Clear Bag - A S.T.A.L.K.E.R. demake adventure/survival game. Heavy emphasis on inventory management. Created for Ludum Dare 42 (Running out of space).

Decked Out - A deckbuilding dress up game. Never finished. Really bad, though I did like drawing all the art. Created for Ludum Dare 41 (Combine two incompatible genres).

Guitar Hero Hedgeclipper - First game jam game I ever did. Poorly done Guitar Hero clone. Created for xkcd Game Jam.


Startpage - Startpage I personally use. Compilation of sites I frequent.

Keyboard Collection - My collection of keyboards. I mostly focus on more obscure/vintage keyboards.